Successful Sales Management

In the 21st century commercial market, there is an urgent need for Effective Sales Management and control tools to help meet shareholder demands”.

Effective Sales Management is the soul of any company. Establishing a strong brand does not only require marketing and advertizing efforts, but it also requires the clear and effective sales presence in the market.

The Sales force is the FACE of company in the market. A very important aspect of marketing that yields business is the efficient and effective use of Competent Sales Force, and companies are always looking for better ways to improve the effectiveness of their sales teams.

Effective Sales Management plays an integral role in the success of the marketing plan. Executing the marketing strategy successfully requires efficient and well trained Sale Representatives.


At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the Role of the Sales Force
  • Be familiar with the Major Steps in Sales Force Management
  • Design Sales Force Strategy and Structure
  • Discuss the Trait of Good Sales People
  • Understand the Proper Steps for Recruiting, Selecting and Training Sales People
  • Lead the Sales Team Successfully
  • Compensate Sales Performance Properly
  • Evaluate Sales Performance


Course Outline:

Module One

Introduction to Selling and Sales Management

Module Two

Strategic Sales Force Management

Module Three

Sales Opportunity Management

Module Four

Sales Force Organization

Module Five

Recruiting and Selecting Salespeople

Module Six

Sales Training

Module Seven


Module Eight

Motivating Salespeople

Module Nine

Compensating Salespeople

Module Ten

Evaluating Performance