Sales Fundamentals

No sales, no business. It’s the most fundamental fact of commerce. However, Sales is often one of the most misunderstood and mismanaged aspect of business, despite its obvious and enormous importance.

On the other hand, selling is one of the most demanding professions; it requires strength, skill, determination and resilience. This workshop will equip new sales people with the right skills, at the right time and give them the fundamentals they need to develop their sales career.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Explain what sales is and its role within an organization
  • Articulate how the sales department relates to the organization and how to create an organization that utilizes sales effectively
  • Have an understanding of basic sales language, techniques and best practices
  • Create Ideal Customer Profiles and use them to their advantage
  • Conduct Effective Prospecting
  • Qualify leads quickly and effectively
  • Create a basic Sales Funnel and push leads through it
  • Write Great Sales Pitches and Sales Emails

Course Outline:

  1. The Number One Reason Businesses Fail
  2. Sales by the Numbers
  3. Prospecting and the Sales Cycle
  4. Where to look for Leads
  5. Cold Call Mechanics
  6. Six Specific Telephone Tips
  7. Turning Around Common Responses
  8. The Ledge
  9. Mastering Third Party and Referral Calls
  10. Leaving Messages
  11. Follow Up Calls
  12. Mutual Conversations
  13. Effective Sales Advice
  14. Selling Is a Conversation
  15. Selling by Not Selling
  16. Good Sales Makes Sense
  17. Verification
  18. Remember Why People Buy!
  19. The Mole
  20. The Special Challenges of Telesales
  21. What Telesales Numbers Mean?
  22. The Dynamics of the Call
  23. More Telesales Strategies
  25. 6 Key Principles of Sales Success
  26. 10 Traits of Successful Sales People
  27. 7 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer Before You Try
    To Close the Deal
  28. The 5 Stages of the Sales Career