Hiring Strategies

Successful companies are made up of great employees, so why not hire great employees?

Hiring and training employees is an expensive venture. Be sure to hire the right person for the right position. Hiring the right person is more about skills and abilities; it is about finding the right combination of skills, attitude, and fit for your organization’s culture.

Hiring Strategies will save your company time and money as you will be recruiting and hiring the right candidates. Your hiring department will benefit from this workshop as it prepares them to seek out that great candidate and make sure they are a fit for your company. Your participants will obtain the necessary tools required in finding that diamond in the rough.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Know how to present the current open position
  • Develop a workable hiring strategy
  • Know how to determine which candidates to interview
  • Understand the steps and techniques to use in an interview
  • Better welcome newly hired employees
  • Find potential candidates for the position

Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started

Housekeeping Items

The Parking Lot

Workshop Objectives


Action Plans and Evaluations

Module Two: Defining and Knowing the Position

Know the Position

Needs Analysis

Job Analysis

Task Analysis

Case Study

Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Hiring Strategy

Company Information

Salary Range

Top Performers

Be Prepared

Case Study

Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Filtering Applicants to Interview

Grading Resumes

Put Lots of Weight on Cover Letters

Google Them

Initial Phone Interview

Case Study

Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: The Interview (I)

Introduce Everyone

Use a Panel

Match the Interview to the Job

Types of Questions

Case Study

Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: The Interview (II)

Tell Me About My Company


Interview More Than Once

Wrap Up

Case Study

Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Selection Process (I)


Look for Passion and Enthusiasm

Background Checks

Trust Your Instincts

Case Study

Module Eight: Selection Process (II)

Education Level Vs. Experience

Have a Consensus

Keep Non-Hires on File

Checking References

Case Study

Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Making an Offer

Do it Quickly

Employment Details

Notify Rejected Candidates

Be Creative

Case Study

Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: On-Boarding 

Training and Orientation


30 60 90 Day Reviews

Make Them Feel Welcome

Case Study

Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Lure in Great Candidates

Advertise Where Candidates Visit

Develop Corporate Citizenship

Treat Your Candidates Well

Poach the Competition

Case Study

Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

Review of Parking Lot

Lessons Learned

Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations