Creating Customer Value Proposition

A compelling value proposition lies at the heart of sales and marketing effectiveness. Tailoring market offerings to the specific needs and buying preferences of customers, and effectively communicating and proving the associated benefits and worth, have become a competitive imperative in most markets.

At the end of this workshop participants should be familiar with:

  • What is a value proposition?
  • Is there true value in your marketing proposition?
  • How do I craft an effective value proposition?


Course Outline:

Session One:

What is a customer value proposition?

Session Two:

The Anatomy of a Strong Value Proposition

Session Three:


Session Four:

Intended Customer

Session Five:

Customer Insights

Session Six:

Next Best Alternative

Session Seven:

Value Experiences

Session Eight:

Value Quantification

Session Nine:


Session Ten:

Next Steps

Session Eleven:

Checklist: Your Customer Value Proposition

Session Twelve:

Basing the Service Proposition on Insights

Session Thirteen:

5 Insights to Help You Discover Your Value Proposition

Session Fourteen:

How to Create a Priceless Value Proposition