Corporate and Major Accounts Sales

Major Account selling requires a long cycle and a big investment of resources. That’s why today’s successful sales professionals are more than just tactical pros…they’re strategic experts.

In this workshop, we will discuss ways to develop a strategic selling plan that will save you time, money and hassles by identifying the right account and project, why your offer matters to them, what it takes to assure their long-term relationship and how to move them along the pipeline quickly.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Enhance sales performance while expending less energy
  • Gain customers’ loyalty by understanding their needs
  • Increase the business from existing accounts
  • Shorten the sales cycle by identifying and removing internal and external bottlenecks
  • Hone in on prospects predisposed to buy from you
  • Become more efficient at account maintenance
  • Create a clear sales plan that keeps you organized
  • Learn ways to get referrals from existing customers

Course Outline:

Module One:

Introduction and Course Overview

Module Two:

How Customers Make Decisions

Module Three:

Account Entry Strategy

Module Four:

Strategies for Recognition of Needs

Module Five:

Strategies for Evaluation of Options

Module Six:

Competitive Strategy

Module Seven:

Strategies for Resolution of Concerns

Module Eight:

Sales Negotiation and Pricing Issues

Module Nine:

Implementation and Account Maintenance Strategies

Module Ten:

Anatomy of a Sales Strategy

Module Eleven:

The new rules of Sales and Marketing via the Internet

Module Twelve:

Using the internet to reach your buyers directly

Module Thirteen:

Social Media And Your Targeted Audience

Module Fourteen:

Building Your Internet Marketing Plan