My Recruitment Process

  1. We start with an initial meeting to discuss the recruitment needs of the client.
  2. Then we draft the Recruitment Contract and send it to the client for review and signature.
  3. Then we ask the client to provide us with the Job Description, or the main Job Tasks for the required vacancies.
  4. If the required vacancies are available within our database, we prepare a short-list for the client. If not, we move to advertising the required vacancies.
  5. If Job Descriptions or Tasks are ready, we start drafting the Recruitment Advertisement, if they’re not available; we will script them for the client, free of charge, then design and draft the Recruitment Advertisement.
  6. After the Recruitment Advertisement is finalized, we present it to the client to gain the approval for the advertisement design and content.
  7. Then we advertise the required vacancies using a variety of media and platforms, as well as our mailing list.
  8. We start screening received résumés, prepare a short-list and send them to the client.
  9. We can, upon client request, do phone interviews, or personal interviews, either at our premises or the clients’
  10. When the client decides to hire a certain candidate, we perform the due Reference Check, and negotiate the salary and benefits on behalf of the client.
  11. Once the client has made the final decision, we send the Job Offer on behalf of the client.