Providing contractual services to organizations; monthly, yearly, or for specific tasks.

Providing consultancy for starting-up an organization, or for turning-around an established one.

I help in building, developing and restructuring organizations through offering the following:

  1. Creating Vision, Mission, Long and Medium Range Goals.
  2. Corporate Strategic Analysis and Strategic Planning.
  3. Marketing Plan Preparation.
  4. Preparation of organizational structures for organizations and for each department.
  5. Identifying the tasks and responsibilities of departments.
  6. Preparing the policies, rules and regulations of organizations and departments.
  7. Conducting Job Analysis and designing jobs accordingly
  8. Preparing Job Descriptions and Evaluations for all employees.
  9. Selection and Recruitment of Qualified Employees.
  10. Following-up and Assessment of Employees’ Performance.
  11. Assessing Employees and Customers Satisfaction
  12. Preparing Training and Development Plans for Employees at all levels.